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  Robert Bissett
Graduate Architect
WSU, 1975, Summa Cum Laude
Artist, Author, Teacher

Designer of Light-filled, health-promoting
Livable, Beautiful and Enduring Homes

Design Philosophy

"The Client is the visionary, not the designer."


Education and a varied work history, combined with artistic and technical abilities, have been significant in bringing me to where I am today. With the digital technology available to designers like myself, the creative possibilities are considerable.  The advent of dome architecture has been advanced and facilitated by the latest 3D modeling and rendering software.  I will continue to employ these powerful tools to the fullest and hopefully contribute in some small way to the success of domes.

Design Statement

Exciting things are happening in the building industry. Recently my interest has been in exploring the design possibilities of thin-shelled, reinforced concrete construction, the healthy house concept, and economical, low maintenance homes built with innovative or non-traditional construction materials. A home should be a place of comfort and healing in tune with the forces of nature; a place to return to for the daily renewing of mind, body and spirit. I enjoy helping people make their vision a reality.

I am also interested the small and medium size, unusual project.

208 267 0685

As seen in the LA Times...

"Max Eberle...with the help of Robert Bissett,
a nationally known dome designer — 
drafted 3-D architectural renderings for smoke-free,
eight-ball-shaped pool domes he hopes to build around the globe."

When completed it will be
150' in diameter with four floors and many features.

Max Eberle

See design award
and This New House

Monolithic Dome Design


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Non- Dome





Real Working Drawings
DIY House Plans Using Free Software

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Paperback, color front and back
interior black and white
Over 240 Illustrations
148 pages

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Start with your pencil floor plan
Build a scale model in Google SketchUp
Use DraftSight to layout your sheets,
add dimensions, fills, drafting, details, etc.
Work with the engineer, plan reviewer, contractor
Handle shop drawings and addendums

Companion Site

Newest rendering...
Similar to Dome of a Home
with a roof deck added

Dome of a Home with top deck

Intended for the beach and anywhere that could
be subject to a large storm surge.

To replace a damaged home after Storm Sandy
on the water Pt. Pleasant Beach, NJ

New Jersey Project


Newest design...not actually a dome.

Desert living at it's finest!

See all the views here.

Mark Sigler's


Loi and I with Mark on the right
inspecting the dome after Ivan.
It has since been fully restored.




To insure privacy the name of the owner and the location of this project
will not be revealed. The owner has a design background and was able to develop the overall design concept.
I did the design development and working drawings over a period of two years…130’ diameter, four floors, parking garage, aviary, elevator, three story atrium, large kitchen, classical columns, arches, etc…one of the largest and finest dome homes in the world. This dome was part of a five dome project.

Exterior during construction. Doesn't look it here, but this is huge.
Large enough for a full size basketball court and bleachers.
An acre of floor space.


Atrium during construction. Three stories high and about
thirty feet in diameter. The classical column covers are not
yet in place.


Sample Sheets






A recent design done as part of the
Dragon Design team which also includes
Mark Sigler and Dante Amato.