with Robert Bissett

"The Secret to
Making Better Paintings"
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The workshop was a great success!  See photos here.
May of 2005.

Comments about the recent

I enjoyed the art lessons yesterday and have my work displayed across our couch in the living room.  Who needs a place to sit when you can be viewing art instead?  I am amazed that art is light and shadow, illusion, color, and technique.  I have a much deeper appreciation for the work of artists now.  Thank you.   Signed:  M.J.

Comments about the recent
watercolor workshop:

Hello Bob,

I participated in your workshop last Saturday at the Naples Gallery. I wanted to thank you for your encouragement and down-to-earth teaching style. I was the one with the cherries. While it was obvious that I lacked skill and perhaps any talent, you took the time to offer advice and direction. That really meant a lot to me.

On Sunday, still inspired by your teaching, I gave your second demonstration a try. I actually painted a woman's face that really looked like a woman's face! My husband was so impressed that he offered to cut me a mat so that I could frame it. (Which I didn't.)

I will keep my eyes opened for the possibility of another one of your watercolor classes.

Again, thank you for holding the workshop. But most of all, thank you for coming across as an artist who's genuinely interested in helping people learn.        Signed:  R. J.

Thank you Bob for the effort and for making TWO lives inspired. I appreciate your work and hope you will continue to work with Naples Gallery. Your are an inspiration to us all.      Signed:  S. L.


My first try with this method of the Impressionists.


Beach Walk
Acrylic, on canvas
16 x 12"


An earlier stage...


These are some photos taken recently.  Select simple compositions with simple shapes.  Avoid subjects that are very complicated with a lot of detail.  In about an hour with digital camera in hand, this is what I found in and around the house.










Here we are all set up on the deck.  It's a wonderful dayI'll be mixing paint on the upside-down butcher tray and using acrylics.

Here's the subject, a sliced strawberry, under an impromptu shadow box:  the lid to my paint container propped up by an old circuit breaker.

Here it is after one hour of casual painting.

And here finished at about one hour, twenty.  Time well spent.








Friday, Jun 2, 2006 
9:00 - 12:00
Naples Gallery, Hwy 95, MP495.5

Contact Suzanne, 208 267 6575, to reserve a spot.

Techniques of the

Monet and the boys made a big scene in the 1800's with their new style of painting.  Paint light, not objects!  Learn the method handed down from the masters with two innovations:  Acrylics instead of oils and a simple three primaries palette.

I traveled to Italy in April of this year to meet with an artist who is in the direct line of descent for this method.

See example on the left...scroll down.


9:00 - 10:00

Introduction and explanation
Demo by Robert Bissett

10:00 - 12:00

Class paints


Reference material for three paintings
     Your photos, or from magazines, internet, etc.
     Optional:  Photos of paintings

If you want to get started, follow this link for the first exercise:
Materials needed:
Acrylics -
Burnt Sienna,
Ultramarine Blue,
Cadmium Red Light or Napthol Red Light,
Cadmium Yellow Light or Arylamide Yellow Light
Titanium White
Just the minimum for those who don't have acrylics.
Canvas -
9x12" Fredrix Canvas Pad of ten, pre-gessoed, real canvas
...or, Canvas boards; ...or Gessoed panels.
Larger is ok if you paint fast.  If your support is not pre-gessoed, then buy gesso, too.
Artist Acrylic Brushes -
da Vinci Top-Acryl #10, nylon bristles about 1/2" wide and ~5/8" long, ~12" overall length, called "brights"
...or another brand of similar size.
1/8" and 1/4" diameter nylon bristle round
1/4" and 3/4" nylon bristle brights
Support Board -
Hardboard or Masonite panel to tape the canvas to.
Tape -
Blue masking tape, not the light tan kind.

Or, even better:  Removable Plastic Adhesive...I don't use tape any more!

Two Water containers -
Plastic, ~3" diameter x 4 or 5" high, like the bottom of a large water bottle
anything of similar size is ok.
Mister -
Small size plant mister or spray bottle, about 6 - 8 oz.
...or Artists watercolor Spray bottle, 2 oz.

Hair Dryer

Optional...but a good idea:
Painting Knife - Steel diamond-shaped blade about 2" long x 1/2" wide.
Easel -
Table top or floor style


If you have never painted with acrylics, give me a call...208 267 0685.

To purchase supplies use this link, look for the "Enter search here" the box top left of page, enter "paint" for example, and click "Go". 
 Dick Blick Art Materials


Bring one or two paintings for critique.  Time permitting at the end we will discuss them:  strong points and areas for improvement.  Becoming your own best critic is essential. 

Email me with any questions, comments or suggestions.

Recommended Books

These are the best books on my shelf.  Some are more advanced.  No particular order.  These links will take you to, but you might check your local library...ask about interlibrary loans, or a used book store.

 Tom Lynch 100 Watercolor Workshop Lesson Charts
If you could only choose one book this is it.  His major theme is "think like an artist".  He makes that point from every angle imaginable in an entertaining way.  Great paintings, colorful, inspirational, clear.  Intended for watercolor, but very useful for any medium.

 The Creative Artist: A Fine Artist's Guide to Expanding Your Creativity and Achieving Your Artistic Potential

 Painting More Than the Eye Can See

 60 Minutes to Better Painting: Sharpen Your Skills in Oil and Acrylic

How to Make a Watercolor Paint Itself: Experimental Techniques for Achieving Realistic Effects

Painting Techniques of the Masters

 Composition: A Painter's Guide to Basic Problems and Solutions

 Norman Rockwell Illustrator

 Work Small, Learn Big: Sketching With Pen & Watercolor

 Paint Red Hot Landscapes That Sell: A Sure-Fire Way to Stop Boring and Start Selling Everything You Paint in Oils

 Harley Brown's Eternal Truths for Every Artist

 Conversations in Paint

 The Pleasure of Painting: Three Mediums, Oil, Watercolor, Acrylic

 Painting by Design


Take the Art & Personality test

How to "Read" a Painting

Elements of Visual Design Explained

Watercolor Sunflowers on Yupo Paper a demo

Artist's Toolkit

The Elements of Art - good

Elements of Art

Painting Critique Checklist

How to Critique a Painting

Mr. Picasso Head

Cybernetic art program - amazing

Dip 'n Daub - abstract art generator 358k

Cityscapes - artificial creativity, good one

Generative Art - program <300k

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