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November 17, 2005
Issue #2


"Tropical Escape"
November 18th, 2005; 5:30 - 7 PM
At the POAC Gallery in the Power House
120 E. Lake Street, Sandpoint, Idaho

Fine Art, Wine and Music

Hope to see you there!

On display through Jan. 9, 2006


"Dear Robert,

Thank you for your submission to our 38th annual Art Auction and exhibition.  Your generosity is very much appreciated, and is the driving factor for the auction's success.  Our Art Auction Committee would like to include your following work in the exhibition and auction: Katka Overlook."

Katka Overlook
18x24", Acrylic

Your can visit the Yellowstone Art Museum site.

Featured Painting 1

The Dark Robe

This is a portrait of a Indian girl from Mexico using
the oil rubout technique.  It's done on a hardboard
panel which is cradled with 1x2 strips and the plastered
on the top and sides for an interesting textured surface. I
started with a yellow background which seems to work
a lot better than white.

The size is 24x12".  A photo by Tara Lightwalker was
used for reference with permission.  Currently on consignment
at Hibernia Studio in Bonners Ferry, ID.208 267 9053.

Featured Painting 2

Can be seen in the Tropical Escape exhibit above.

Twilight, Costa Rica
Acrylic, 14x18"

Featured Architectural Project

Front view.

A computer rendering in ArchiCAD using the sketch feature.  The central part of the house is timber frame while the sides are regular frame construction.  They wanted a dramatic entry.


Rear view.

Interior view.

All the Best...

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