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Dome Projects




 Northern Shore


  NW Retreat


 Greek Island Get-Away


  New York Torus


edwards.jpg (51340 bytes)   In Florida, but not on the beach


LLOYD.jpg (147213 bytes)   A dome for Washington...someday


Kijima_Domes_Fini_jpg.jpg (142281 bytes)     Forest Museum, Illustration 2/19/01


Torus_only__jpg.jpg (105195 bytes)     Tiger Center, Mass Model 2/21/1


 TIG_SITE_PLAN_2-19-1_2.JPG (82730 bytes)    Tiger Center, Site Plan 2/19/01


Final_2a_email.jpg (75401 bytes)     Island Retreat, 1/24/01


TREZ_3.jpg (39497 bytes)    Design for Slope, 6/14/00


Birds_Eye_View_2-26-00.jpg (21753 bytes)    Brooks dome, 2/16/00


StittFromShore-29.jpg (9297 bytes)     Wisconsin Dome Home    Latest Revision, 2/1/00


KEMP_NEW_MASS_1.jpg (23655 bytes)    Kemp Dome


TrezEastElev.jpg (16537 bytes)     Trezza Dome, 2/1/00

RiceLan2.JPG (14650 bytes)     Rice Dome


Burnham's.jpg (22208 bytes)      Longhouse


TransReflect3.JPG (21058 bytes)     Transportable


WILL_DOME_CLOUDS_JPG.jpg (55366 bytes)     Washington Dome

orian.jpg (60760 bytes)     Washington Airform at Night

Strugglia.JPG (15010 bytes)    Texas Dome


Marvas_for_Web.jpg (23159 bytes)     Marva's Dome

3Towers.jpg (14407 bytes)    My Virtual Office


Other Projects

  Green House


  Beach House


The Blue Moon, Beach House

Timber Frame Hybrid

  Hanger Design for Business Jet, 5/25/5


RMD_INC._Corp_HQ_Fini_jpg.jpg (52057 bytes)    RMD, Inc. Corporate Headquarters 3/2/01

BeauFrontLeft.jpg (16187 bytes)    Beaulieu Log Home, 2/1/00

Presentation_jpg.jpg (45296 bytes)     Idaho Log Home, 1/24/01



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